Victoria Contra Dances
  • Are held September thru June 7-10 pm.
Date Location Caller Band
Mar 02 St. Matthias Maya Roe
(calls Larks & Robins)
Odd Hack
Apr 06 St. Luke's Anne Glover
(calls Larks & Robins)
New Growth String Band
May 04 St. Luke's Maya Roe
(calls Larks & Robins)
Nancy Grossert
& Dave Marshall
Jun 01 St. Luke's Eric Curl The Tradewells
  • Cost $15.
  • Start with basic dances; the complexity builds as the evening progresses.
  • No Dance partner required.
  • Beginners welcome, as the dance steps are taught throughout the evening.
  • Bring soft-soled shoes for dancing protecting the hall dance floor.
  • An inclusive, fragrance free, friendly, fun community building activity.
  • Dance to a live band playing traditional tunes.
  • A caller teaches each dance and cues dance moves throughout.
  • Are volunteer-run.
  Contra Dance Is
  • Danced to a live band playing traditional fiddle tunes
  • A "called" dance; a caller teaches each dance and cues the moves throughout
  • A couple dance, but you don't need to bring a partner
  • An easy dance to pick up right away
  • A great way to build friendly, welcoming and inclusive community
  • Like this! (that's us a few years ago)
  • Here's more info.
  • See also introductory session with George Marshall
  • Resources and more links: CDSS Country Song & Dance Society

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Where do we go when we want to dance within driving distance of home?
Vancouver Contra Dance held every other Saturday, St. James Hall
Lake City Contra Dance held every Thursday night
Emerald City Contra Dance ("Phinney") held every Friday night
Port Angeles:
Black Diamond Community Dance first Saturdays
See also Port Angeles Community Contra Dance (Facebook)
Bellingham Country Dance Society every other Saturday

Dance weekends that we never, ever miss:
Supersonic Contra Dance held in Seattle first weekend in February (2023)
Chehalis Contra Dance Camp 3rd weekend in September: Sullivan Community Hall in Surrey

Dance weekends that we've attended, love, and plan to return to:
Hey Fever (Ottawa Contra Dance) held in Ottawa
Lady of the Lake (Idaho, N-Sid-Sen) camp and conference centre, eastern shore of Coeur d'Alene Lake
Epicentre (North Bay Country Dance), held in San Francisco
Contra Carnival (Central Coast Country Dance Society) held in San Louis Obispo, California

Dance weeks we have our eyes on but haven't yet made the journey:
Tropical Dance Vacation (run by George Marshall, St. Croix and Hawaii)