Contra Dance
  Victoria Contra Dance is a non-profit association of dancers engaged in promoting and providing contra dance in Victoria, BC.  
No experience necessary
Caller teaches dances on the spot
Live music!
See us in action!

Introductory session at 7:00pm
Dances Saturday from 7:30pm to 10:00pm
Admission $8
* Please bring soft-soled shoes to dance in; street shoes are not allowed
and please come fragrance-free
Date Location Caller Band Notes
Oct 08 St. Luke's Michael Karcher Rig-A-Jig  
Oct 22 St. Matthias Rosemary Lach &
Galen Armstrong
The Tradewells  
Nov 15 Da Vinci Centre George Marshall Great Bear Trio NOTE: this is a Tuesday dance!
Nov 26 St. Matthias Laura Mé Smith The Odd Hack Band  
Jan 14 St. Luke's TBA TBA  
Jan 28 St. Matthias TBA TBA  
Feb 11 St. Luke's TBA TBA  
Feb 25 St. Matthias TBA TBA  
Mar 11 St. Peter & St. Paul's TBA TBA  
Mar 25 St. Matthias TBA TBA  
Apr 15 St. Peter & St. Paul's TBA TBA  
Apr 29 St. Matthias TBA TBA  
May 13 St. Luke's TBA TBA  
May 27 St. Matthias TBA TBA  
Jun 10 St. Luke's TBA TBA  
Jun 24 St. Matthias TBA TBA  
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What is Contra Dance?   Click HERE to watch a good Contra Dance introductory session.

Dance Organizations and Dances happening a short distance from Victoria
  1. Island Dance
  2. Vancouver Country Dance
  3. Camp Chehalis
These videos are provided by the Chattahoochee Country Dancers, Atlanta Georgia
  1. Introduction
  2. Two Dancers
  3. Four Dancers
  4. A Contra Line
  5. Come Dance With Us
  6. A Called Dance #1
  7. A Called Dance #2
  8. The Basics
  9. Contra Video Credits
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